Vintage Burlap and Lace Wedding

With all the beautiful foliage and flowers starting to appear after a very long winter, I am thinking about summer weddings.  Who doesn’t love a beautiful bride and the ambiance that only a wedding can create.  This is a wedding that I helped style in Aug.  The mother of the groom knew exactly what she wanted.  The goal was turning her vision into a reality.  In the end, I think we achieved everything she had hoped for and more……..

            image           image

Tables were covered with burlap and lace runners.  Burlap bags covered the light stands. Wooden boxes, candles and baby breath added just the right amount of softness.

          image    image


The buffet area included bright daisy floral arrangements in jars tied with burlap and lace. Vintage suitcases were used to hold the plates and utensils.

image  image         image  image

I was asked to do a fruit and vegetable display that would be a real eye catcher.  Does it catch your eye?

               image     image

“Love is Sweet” Dessert Table

                     image    image

    A beverage station and a snow cone area for the kids was a fun touch.

image   image

 Floral vignettes and a hat box bug spray display helped to create the vintage feel.

   image   image


The smile on my face says it all.  A beautiful event, one that was a joy to be a part of.

Bee Inspired and create something beautiful today,



  1. Debbie, your ideas are so unique and fun. I love being inspired by them. Thanks for sharing them. You do look happy.

    • Thanks Jill, the real test is making others smile too. I hope when you read this it made you smile, just a little.

  2. I think this is one of my all time favorite events you have done. I love the burlap and lace, the flowers, the baby’s breath–but that vegetable display certainly catches my eye! Great job!!

  3. Beautiful post! You have an extraordinary eye down to every last detail… Even the ribbons around the bug spray bottles! So cool!

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