Queen Bee DebbieHello and welcome!  My name is Debbie, also lovingly referred to as Queen Bee, and I am the creator and inspiration behind Queen Bee Inspired Design.  I have spent many years styling and designing for friends, family, and friends of friends. I decided it was time to make this more than just a hobby and share my ideas and inspired designs with everyone.

I have always loved to entertain and host, design and style, and use my creativity.  From a young age, I could be found drawing, sewing, cooking, painting, crafting or planning a party; anything that would allow me to create. Admittedly, I am most happy when I am in design and inspiration mode.  Taking a small idea, adding to it, visualizing it, and then creating that vision is incredible.  I love the excitement and joy that others experience as they see the events and spaces I design.  Sharing this passion and my ideas with others is what truly makes me happy.

The name Queen Bee comes from my need to organize and perfect, detail and design, complete and articulate the events of this thing we call life.  The name Debbie in Hebrew means Bee.   As I have matured (notice I didn’t use the word aged), I am not just a Bee anymore, but am now the Queen Bee of my little family and my life.

I am a wife and mother of three beautiful daughters.  All three are creative and talented; they inspire and encourage me each day.  I am blessed to have them, along with my husband and my son in law on this journey with me.  My husband’s career has taken us all over the U.S.  Moving and traveling have given me opportunities to experience many different design influences.  I draw on these new inspirations as well as old favorites.  I am always trying to learn and grow.

If you or someone you know would like help in planning an event, be it big or small, please click on the contact page or on the button with the envelope on it. If you would just like some design inspiration I would love to hear from you as well.

Bee Inspired, Debbie